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We're All Chasing One Another's Goals

The Engine of Rivalry

Deep Bookshelf 2021

Decluttering Our Desires

Mimetic Monday: December 13, 2021

25 Anti-Mimetic Ideas

Give the Gift of Anti-Mimetic

Coming In the Air Tonight

The Cult of Experts

Peter Thiel, Irresistible Pariah

Note on My Unexpected Absence

Mimetic Monday: October 18, 2021

Open Thread #1

Why We Need More Omakase Creators

Mimetic Monday: October 4, 2021

The Real Social Dilemma

The Mimetic Media

Athens, Jerusalem, Silicon Valley

Mimetic Monday: September 20, 2021

Shaping the Narrative

Elizabeth Holmes is a Scapegoat—Even if She's Guilty

Mimetic Monday: September 13, 2021

Our Non-Straussian Moment

Zoom Hangout #2

Mimetic Monday: September 6, 2021

NFD's: Non-Fungible Desires?

Racism, Anti-Racism, & Mimesis

Mimetic Monday: August 30, 2021

Thick and Thin Culture

The Reflexivity of Books

Mimetic Monday: August 23, 2021

The Marx Cafe

Prophet of the Pandemic

Mimetic Monday: August 16, 2021

Psychedelics and Mimesis

Thinking in Social Layers

Zoom Hang #1

Core Motivational Drive

Speaking Out (Of Order)

The Creation Story of Wall Street

The Portrait of a Mirror

The Fourth Wall of Freedom

5 "Big Ideas" from Wanting

Mimetic Stocks, Not Meme Stocks

Management by Missions

Mimetic Desire in Babies

Lessons from René Girard Part II

The Dangers of Goal Setting

My Battle with Misdirected Ambition

12 Life Lessons from One of the Most Penetrating Minds in History

Top 10 Books on Mimetic Theory

Our Mimetic Culture

Single Greatest Desire

Violent Rivalries

The Desire Chamber

Peter Thiel on René Girard

Why Every Creator Deserves an Agent

The Discord Channel

The False Binary of Imitation <> Innovation

Mimetic Desire: An Existential Awareness

The Law of Group Polarization

Cancel Non-Culture

The AMA Edition

Creating Real "Social Distance"

Intellectual Genealogies

Diving for Pearls

Mimetic Desire 102

What People Are Really Doing When They Play Hard to Get

The Mimetic Market

Cargo Cult Startups

Mimetic Desire 101

The Twitter Ban: Handshakes and Emails