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An End-of-Year Buffet from Anti-Mimetic

Becoming Like Children

10 Anti-Mimetic Ideas for 2023

Things Hidden Book Club—Session 1

FTX, Hijacked Attention, and Re-Adjusting Our Focus

Dr. Hollis Robbins Leads a Group Discussion on Sam Bankman-Fried and The Emperor's New Clothes

The Unbearable Lightness, The Search for Gravity

On Mimesis, Thick Desires, and the Four Layers of Happiness

Special Offer to Join the Community

Everyone Deserves An Advocate

The Case for Silence

Book Club + Free Subscriber Special Offer

"Your Personal Occam's Razor"—Audio Version

Your Personal Occam's Razor

The Uncut, Original Opening of "Wanting"

What's New: In-Person Meetups, The Book Club, and a New Salon

10 Things I Appreciated This Week

The Philosophy of "Zero to One"

Introducing Threads (And Ourselves)

Imitatio Machina

The Three Cities and the New Fremen

A Conversation with Thomas J. Bevan—Audio from Our Group Zoom

The Anti-Mimetic Act of Obedience

Intellectual Humility

The Video Book of "Wanting" Is Out

Contentless Worlds

Announcement—Upcoming: Anti-Mimetic Salon #3 with Thomas J. Bevan

The Orthodoxy of Heterodoxy

A conversation with Demetri Kofinas: "Mimetic Attention"—Full Audio, Video, and Transcript

Invisible Appetites

Announcement—Upcoming: Anti-Mimetic Salon #2 with Demetri Kofinas, Host of the "Hidden Forces" Podcast

The Directional Language of Interior Movement

Transcending the Transactional

Mesmerize Me

Interview with Byrne Hobart on Applying Mimetic Theory to Financial Bubbles

Vibe Shifts and Inarticulate Knowledge

What I Invested In This Week

Manias, Mimesis, and Markets

Anti-Mimetic Communication

Open Thread #4

The Philosophy of Zero to One

Deafening Silence

The Noonday Demon—Our Metaphysical Laziness

The Violent Bear It Away

Cultural Anorexia

Cultural Anorexia—Audio Version

Open Thread #3

The Danger of Ignoring Beauty

Group Learning Experience—Next Steps (Plus: An Audio Essay)

Don't Feed Your Conscience to the Dogs

The Moral Necessity of Danger

Desires Are Blowin' in the Wind

A Different Kind of War

Joe Rogan is Burning

Beneath the Founding Mythology

The Barbell Ethics of Modernity

The Fourth Wall

You're Invited—A Seminar on Identifying Core Motivational Drives

Flat Jobs and Thick Desires

Atomic Habits of Desire

Open Thread #2

Writing in a Sea of Humanity

Harvard's Freshmanistan Problem

Ozymandias: Breaking Bad Mimesis