Luke Burgis Newsletter
Luke Burgis Newsletter
Group Learning Experience—Next Steps (Plus: An Audio Essay)

Group Learning Experience—Next Steps (Plus: An Audio Essay)

Would you please help me design the best educational experience possible for you?

Hi everyone,

In this short edition of the newsletter, I have two important announcements:

Audio Essay on “The Conscience”

Upon request, I recorded an audio version of my last newsletter (Don’t Feed Your Conscience to the Dogs), which you can find here. I don’t have a general grasp on how many of you would prefer to listen to my work rather than read it, but I figured I would offer a podcast version of the last newsletter and see what happens.

If I receive enough positive feedback, I’ll find a way to attach an audio version to the written works on a more regular basis. (An AI company has approached me and offered to convert this newsletter to audio on the fly, but I’m not sure if the quality is good enough; this time, I read it for you myself...)

Please express your interest in the comments or drop me a line via email.

Group Learning Opportunity—Next Steps

If you’re interested in the small group learning track that I have mentioned a couple of times now, please fill out this short questionnaire as soon as possible.

In this newsletter and on the Core Motivation Webinar that I hosted last month with Dr. Joshua Miller, I floated the possibility of leading a 30-90 day small group learning course (virtual) for anyone interested.

I had in mind a relatively intensive and interactive program in which you’d have the chance to work through questions and projects related to mimetic desire, models, thick and thin desires, leadership, mimetic influences (on both undesired and desired behaviors), professional transitions, technology relationships, mimetic relationship management (setting boundaries and generating positive flywheels), and a greater clarity of one’s purpose. It would be a highly personal exploration of many of the topics you are used to seeing here.

I would bring in guest speakers and facilitators, but the program design and leadership I would do myself.

The experience that I have in mine would be less about lectures or heady book-club discussion and more about small-group interaction and project-based learning with real-world and real-life application. For instance, every week you would have a fundamental question to explore or a project to work through with the support of your small group—as well as guidance from me and the other facilitators.

One thing I am sure about: you all an extremely talented, generous, thoughtful, and dedicated group, and we all have much to learn from one another. The quality of the people here became readily apparent on the MCODE zoom with Dr. Miller, which was attended by over 50 of you.

I am confident, then, the small-group format is the ideal way to work your way through the learning course. But first, I need your help.

If you’re interested in participating, would you please complete this Questionnaire?

Your feedback will help me with questions ranging from what kind of help I need to bring in to when we should start to what most people are really looking for from this kind of experience. Your feedback will be read carefully by me as I begin to think about the best way to make this experience a reality.

So far, I have received an overwhelmingly positive response. 42 of you have already personally emailed me to express interest in participating. Thank you for that. The next phrase of this process for me is gathering more information so I can tailor this experience to your needs (and desires…).

There will be a cap on enrollment for this first group. I can’t imagine being able to run it well with more than 50 participants on the first go-around. In a sense, we’ll all be learning together. If it goes well, though (and if there is sufficient interest), I will continue to offer it throughout the year on a rolling basis. So if you miss out this time, there should be more opportunities down the road.

I have to ask for skin-in-the-game (in the form of $USD/ETH/BTC) from everyone who participates, especially if I am going to bring in the necessary resources to do this right. The opportunity will be open to all subscribers, but Premium Members will receive a very sizable discount on tuition.

Thanks everyone—especially those of you who have already reached out. I hope to see you at the starting line soon.

P.S. If anyone would like to volunteer their time/talent as a facilitator—and possibly be part of the planning team for this first cohort, please reach out to me separately. Professional facilitator/teaching experience strongly desired.

Luke Burgis Newsletter
Luke Burgis Newsletter
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