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This was so good.

Some highlights:

17:23 onwards: "there are insights that can only be reached by passing through human situations."

19:53 how seeing the mechanics of desire so clearly through Girard allowed Natasha to be free to have fun with the writing

28:03 "Girard is revolutionary in my mind because of the precision with which he has described mechanics that many, many writers of fiction have independently discovered or dependently on one another discovered in fiction."

34:07 "I think I say that, I always say that Flannery O'Connor saved me from René Girard..." (I love this connection)

42:19 On self-transcendence through art "[Girard] studied the genesis of works of fiction and he compared the novelists early drafts to their masterpieces and he it was just like pretty clear that in these early drafts they have this like self-concept that they're using the draft to defend and that in the in the final in the masterpiece they just somehow let go of that"

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