Transcript and recording from the second meeting of the book club
Open Thread #4 — Voices from Around the WorldInspired by Substack’s new feature which gives general visibility into where people are coming from, I’m opening up this new Thread for everyone…

November 2022

Notes from our first group Zoom meeting to discuss the beginning of René Girard's "Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World"
We also discussed the Apple TV show "Severance", the terrifying return to the sacred, and the role mimesis plays in preventing anyone from calling a…

October 2022

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September 2022

My interpretation of key points in Chapter 1 of Peter Thiel's book on startups
A new way to interact here.

August 2022

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July 2022

Join us for a 90-minute, free-flowing group chat on August 23, 2022 with writer Thomas J. Bevan
What are people actually talking about when they talk about "X"?

May 2022

Open Thread #3Today is open thread #3: a place to post any questions, comments, musings—anything you’d like whatsoever. On a side note, my publisher has let m…