Open Thread 1

Open Thread #1

Hey everyone—I’m going to be announcing some major renovations and enhancements to this newsletter over the next week.

The first thing I’m implementing is one monthly Open Thread for ALL subscribers, Premium and Free. (There will also be Closed Threads for Premium members). This is part of my effort to make this newsletter as interactive as possible. It starts now.

I will sometimes offer some open-ended questions to kick things off, but feel free to ignore them and post about anything you’d like. I encourage you to respond to one another, as this is not an AMA (Ask Me Anything)—it’s meant to be community-driven. I’ll jump in wherever I can.

This is Open Thread #1. You might consider telling everyone a bit about yourself, why you’re here, or what’s on your mind. But go wild, have at it, and post about absolutely anything you want!

The floor is yours.