Mimetic Mondays

3 things to think about every Monday which you can read in 2 minutes or less: Positive Mimesis, Negative Mimesis, and a Quote to ponder for the week.

'Goth' Kourtney, Mimetic Mentors and Mentees, and Your Chief Want
On Getting Cancelled, Anti-Mimetic Antidotes, and (of course) Houellebecq
Mimetic Rollaboards, Institutional Isomorphism, Melting Differences
Sally Rooney's Self-Imprisonment, Evergrande, Dancing in the Streets
The Food That Built America, The Contrarian, Uncontrollability
Racism/Anti-Racism, Elizabeth Holmes as Scapegoat, The Power of Glamour
Meriggiare, Anti-Racism Racism, The Power of Criticism
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