Audio & Recordings

For premium subscribers, this is a collection of audio recordings (my reading of essays), community Zoom calls, and an occasional podcast.

"Your Personal Occam's Razor"—Audio VersionListen now (6 min) | Read by Luke Burgis
Anti-Mimetic Salon #3 with Thomas J. Bevan—Audio from Our Group ZoomListen now (96 min) | On "Podcast Voice" and Form, Content vs. Art, Writing Fiction, Being Outside, Anti-Mimetic Models, and lots more...
Anti-Mimetic Salon #2 with Demetri Kofinas: "Mimetic Attention"—Full Audio, Video, and TranscriptListen now (59 min) | Luke Burgis, Demetri Kofinas, and guests talk about mimetic attention in regards to geo-politics, the economy, and more.
Anti-Mimetic Salon #1: Byrne Hobart Applying Mimetic Theory to Financial BubblesListen now (60 min) | Financial analyst Byrne Hobart talks about his paper "Manias & Mimesis: Applying René Girard's Mimetic Theory to Financial…
Cultural Anorexia—Audio VersionListen now | The Pursuit of Thick Desires in a Thinning World (Read by Luke Burgis)