Mimetic Theory Podcasts

A compendium of podcasts related to René Girard's mimetic theory of desire.

Because this newsletter is meant to serve as a Field Guide to mimetic desire— practical applications, heuristics, and tactics that help us lead better lives—we want to keep this page up-to-date with the latest podcasts available on the Internet tackling mimetic desire.

René Girard was “doggedly dialogic,” according to his student Sandor Goodhart. Some of his most important works, including his magnum opus Things Hidden since the Foundation of the World, are the form of Q&A, as are other smaller works. Girard sought the truth in conversations. Podcasts, then, are an important tool in forming this Field Guide of mimetic desire.

Below is a living list of podcast episodes out there that touch on everything from mimetic theory in education (by the 1517 fund) to Scrabble and the coronavirus.

A podcast dedicated to the ideas in this newsletter will be coming in 2021. Details forthcoming. Until then, feast your ears:

  1. 1517: E022 René Girard, Mimetic Theory, and Christianity with David Gornoski

  2. 1517: E029 1517 at Home Bryne Hobart on the Mimetic Theory of Bubbles

  3. Recorded Conversations: The Frenzy of Mimetic Theory

  4. What is School For? Mimetic Theory 

  5. Free Man Beyond the Wall: E233 David Gornoski Talks Scapegoats and Mimetic Theory 

  6. Structural Shifts, by Aperture: Mimetic Theory And The Future of E-Commerce w/ Julian Lehr 

  7. The Libertarian Christian: Ep175 COVID, Riots, and Mimetic Theory with Michael Hardin 

  8. The Libertarian Christian: Ep 34 - Mimetic Theory 

  9. The Nickasized Podcast: Mimetic Theory; Good Part III

  10. The Peaceful Way: Monologue: Mimetic Theory & The Roots of Violence 

  11. Self Identity in Black: Girard’s Mimetic Theory and Immigration 

  12. The Spiritual Brewpub: Michael Hardin on René Girard, Mimetic Theory, Unraveling the Bible, Unconditional Peace, Prison Reform, and Today’s Political Rivalries 

  13. Did You Know Podcast: Ep61 David Gornoski on Mimetic Theory

  14. Jonathan Foster: The One with Lindsey Paris-Lopez, Mimetic Theory, and Playing the Word “Scapegoat’ in Scrabble 

  15. Cannabis Heals Me: Ep083 David Gornoski; Mimetic Theory and Scapegoating Drug Users 

  16. The Messy Spirituality Podcast: Ep05 Understanding Mimetic Theory with Matthew J. Distefano 

  17. Heretic Happy Hour: Ep067 Celebrity Christianity LIVE 

  18. Sell More Merch: How the Mimetic Desire Theory Can Help You Optimize Your Marketing 

  19. The Armchair Philosopher: God, Monsters, and Hell 

  20. The ChurchNext Podcast: Violence, Myth, and Scripture with Suzanne Ross 

  21. The Intellectual Dark Web Podcast: Ren Girard on The Collective Shaming One Individual 

  22. Then & Now: Rene Girard: An Introduction 

  23. Drunken Philosopher: #138 Rene Girard 

  24. Of Leadership: Rene Girard's Theory on Human Culture 

  25. Bad Faith: Introduction: Pandemonium, Rene Girard, and Eternity 

  26. Dispatched From Mars to New York City: Rene Girard - Mimetic Desire 

  27. Dispatched From Mars to New York City:  Rene Girard - Scapegoating 

  28. Then & Now: Coronavirus & Scapegoats: Rene Girard 

  29. Word on Fire Show: WOF 166: Scapegoating on Social Media 

  30. The Moral Imagination: Ep 4: René Girard and the Mimetic Cycle with Gregory Thornbury

  31. We of Little Faith: Corona Solo - The Passion and René Girard 

  32. Sweeny Verses: Andrew Sweeny and Stephen Lewis discuss René Girard: The Defense of the Innocent Victim 

  33. Village Global’s Venture Stories: A Deep Dive on René Girard with David Gornoski 

  34. The Human Action Podcast: David Gornoski on Anthropology and Liberty