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Imitation, Innovation, and Heresy in the Digital Public Square

A trialogue between Katherine Dee, Tara Isabella Burton, and Nathan Allebach, moderated by Geoff Schullenberger

I am happy to finally be able to share this breakout room conversation from the 2023 NOVITĀTE Conference between

, , and Nathan Allebach, moderated by Compact Magazine’s Managing Editor Geoff Schullenberger (author of this excellent piece from 2016, titled “The Scapegoating Machine”, in The New Inquiry).

Geoff opens up the discussion by referencing a little-known essay written by René Girard, “Innovation and Repetition”, which can be found in this relatively obscure collection. (If you have access to JSTOR, you can also find it here.)

You’ll find an essay from me on “Innovation and Repetition” published here way back in April 2021, when there were only a few thousand subscribers to this newsletter. I had fun digging that one out of archives.

It’s clearly one of Girard’s most underrated pieces of writing. I’m glad Geoff used it to frame this wide-reaching discussion.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

The Interlocutors

Katherine Dee, Writer and Podcaster. Katherine Dee …

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